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Waihuifanliwang is an established forex rebate website founded in 2009, boasting a history of 13 years of professional rebate services to date. As a seasoned rebate provider, it offers the highest and fastest rebate services across the web, dedicated to reducing transaction costs for clients, fostering mutual benefits, and has garnered widespread acclaim and referrals from numerous customers.

Rebate Process

Waihuifanliwang employs a fully automated rebate process, requiring no customer service contact; clients simply follow the process of account opening, rebate application, and receiving rebates. The platform supports daily, weekly, and monthly rebates, as well as personalized rebate modes such as manual rebates, automatic rebates, and in-account rebates.

Rebate Methods

  • Daily Rebates: Rebate data is updated daily, with the previous day's transactions paid by 11 PM of the current day.
  • Weekly Rebates: Data is updated every Tuesday, with rebates for the previous week paid by 11 PM.
  • Automatic Settlement: A fully automated rebate mode that does not require user intervention, with rebates paid directly into the user's bank account.
  • In-Account Rebates: Rebates are paid directly into the user's MT4/MT5 accounts, enhancing the convenience and security of rebates.
  • Manual Rebates: Clients can choose the timing and method of rebate payment according to their needs, with various payment methods available such as Skrill, Alipay, WeChat, etc.

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Cooperating Brokers

Waihuifanliwang collaborates with numerous brokers, including icmarkets, exness, valutrades, thinkmarkets, fxpro, XM, AXITrader, tickmill, etc. These brokers provide stable trading platforms and favorable rebate conditions for users.

Risk and Reputation

The payment of rebates is predicated on Waihuifanliwang receiving commissions from brokers. The platform has clearly articulated potential risks and commits to limiting rebates for problematic clients to ensure the fairness of the trading environment.

Asset Management Cooperation Plan

Waihuifanliwang offers an asset management cooperation plan to assist asset managers with customer maintenance and rebate management. The cooperating brokers are stable and reliable choices, and the rebate network also provides customer management and profit-sharing systems to help asset managers better manage and track their clients.

Asset manager Rules

Advantages and Development

The strength of the rebate network lies in providing the highest rebate percentages across the web and a robust customer management system. The platform focuses on brand building, continuously optimizes services, expands markets, and is committed to becoming a global forex rebate brand.

Customer Service

Waihuifanliwang provides account manager maintenance for registered users, ensuring that rebate issues are addressed and resolved promptly, enhancing the customer experience and strengthening user loyalty.

Technical Advantages

Waihuifanliwang relies on its strong technical foundation and in-house rebate system to provide stable, reliable, and efficient rebate services. Years of system development and optimization have automated and intelligentized the rebate processing, significantly improving rebate efficiency and user experience.

Customer Education

To better acquaint customers with the forex market and rebate rules, Waihuifanliwang offers a range of educational resources and tools. Through articles, tutorials, and online seminars, it educates users on smart trading, how to reduce costs through rebate services, and how to maintain the continuity and stability of trading strategies.

Market Analysis

Waihuifanliwang provides not only rebate services but also market analysis. By regularly publishing market trend analysis, economic data analysis, and forecast reports, it helps traders grasp market dynamics and make wiser trading decisions.

Community Building

Waihuifanliwang focuses on building a healthy trading community, providing a platform for users to share experiences, discuss strategies, exchange views, and learn from other traders. Such a community is particularly valuable for novice traders, helping them quickly enhance their market knowledge and trading skills.

Customer Support

The platform offers around-the-clock customer service to ensure users receive timely assistance with any issues. Whether questions about the rebate process or technical issues with the trading platform, the customer support team responds quickly to resolve problems.

Compliance and Security

Waihuifanliwang strictly adheres to financial regulations across countries and collaborates with well-regulated brokers to ensure compliant trading and fund security. In addition, the website employs advanced encryption technology to protect users' personal information and transaction data.

Financial Transparency

The platform maintains transparency in financial transactions, allowing users to view the calculation and payment of rebates at any time. Transparent financial handling increases users' trust in the platform and helps them better plan their financial status.


The Forex Rebate Network actively embraces technological innovation and market changes, planning to continue expanding its service range, improve service efficiency, and explore new cooperation models. The platform also intends to introduce more financial products and services to meet the growing needs of global users. Currently, Waihuifanliwang is marked as "Active" on Traderknows.

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FAQ About waihuifanliwang


What is the official website of waihuifanliwang?

The official website of waihuifanliwang is http://www.waihuifanliwang.com/.


Is waihuifanliwang legit or scam?

waihuifanliwang is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is waihuifanliwang?

waihuifanliwang is a Forex, IB company.

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