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Chinastarmarket.cn is operated by Shanghai Interface News & Technology Co., Ltd., a financial media website focusing on providing financial news and information related to technology innovation companies. Its main services include market analysis, corporate research, policy interpretation, and more, aiming to become the authoritative news source in China's Science and Technology Innovation Board sector.

Company Background

Chinastarmarket.cn was established on September 15, 2014, with its corporate entity being Shanghai Interface News & Technology Co., Ltd., and its director is Zhang Qian. The company's registered office is located at Room 01-C02, 18th Floor, 331 Caoxi North Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, with the unified social credit code 913101043124971910.

Registration information of Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily

Whois Inquiry

According to the information found via a Whois inquiry, the official domain name of the Chinastarmarket.cn was registered on June 13, 2019.

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Company Vision

Chinastarmarket.cnstrives to become the most influential tech innovation financial media, promoting the deep integration of technology and capital and contributing to the healthy development of technological innovation companies.

Platform and Influence

Chinastarmarket.cn provides round-the-clock news reporting and information services through its official app, website, and social media platforms like WeChat. The app includes six major sections: News, Important News, Science and Technology Innovation Board, Market, Video, Accelerator, and five main channels: Headlines, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Internet, and Venture Capital, covering the latest regulatory policies, company listings, market transactions, and real-time dynamics of investment institutions comprehensively.

Official website of Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily

Products and Services

Chinastarmarket.cn offers services including daily news summaries, in-depth analysis articles, special reports, and online seminars. Additionally, it provides personalized information services to meet the needs of different users.

Unique Content and Technology Application

Beyond regular news and analysis reports, Chinastarmarket.cn is dedicated to technological innovation, actively developing a dynamic data collection system named the "Tech Innovation Database." This intelligent big data system comprehensively gathers data on companies listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board and technological innovation enterprises, intelligently reflecting operational dynamics and industry chain situations, providing professional and vertical services to government departments, tech innovation enterprises, and investment institutions.


As a financial media focusing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board and the tech innovation field, Chinastarmarket.cn not only offers high-quality news reporting and in-depth analysis to the public but also enhances the quality and efficiency of information services through technological innovation. With its comprehensive and professional reporting and services, Chinastarmarket.cn has secured an irreplaceable position in the field of technology finance. Currently, Chinastarmarket.cn is marked as "operating normally" on Traderkonws.

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FAQ About Chinastarmarket.cn


What is Chinastarmarket.cn's official website?

A: Chinastarmarket.cn's official website is https://www.chinastarmarket.cn/


Is Chinastarmarket.cn a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: Chinastarmarket.cn is currently marked as Active on TraderKnows.


What is Chinastarmarket.cn?

A: Chinastarmarket.cn is a Multi-Asset, Media company.

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