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Wallstreetcn.com, founded by Wu Xiaopeng in November 2010 in New York, began its operations in Shanghai in 2013. Despite its name's similarity to The Wall Street Journal, the two are not directly related. The company was initially established as a platform focusing on providing financial information and market analysis, aiming to offer global financial market insights to Chinese investors and financial professionals.

Services and Features

The core service of Wallstreetcn.com is to provide real-time financial market data and in-depth analysis in various areas, including stocks, foreign exchange, commodities, and macroeconomics. The website covers a wide range of essential financial market indicators, from the Shanghai Composite Index to the US Dollar Index. In addition to market data, Wallstreetcn.com also publishes in-depth reports and analyses related to global economics, business trends, and financial news.

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Capital Operations and Investments

During its development, Wallstreetcn.com attracted investments from several prominent institutions, including China Ping An Group and Haitong Securities. In 2016, the company received an investment of 100 million RMB from the Huaren Cultural Industry Investment Fund, reflecting its significant position and market recognition in the Chinese financial media sector.

Legal and Regulatory Challenges

In 2019, Wallstreetcn.com was required to undergo rectification and removal from app stores due to violations of the "Cybersecurity Law" and other relevant regulations. This incident exposed deficiencies in the company's content moderation and legal compliance, leading to public scrutiny of media responsibility and regulation. During the ban period, the company launched the "Wallstreetcn VIP" service and collaborated with "Stock Picker" to maintain its market position and user base. On September 22, 2020, Wallstreetcn.com's app and website resumed normal service.

Legal Issues with "Stock Picker" Platform

In 2021, Wallstreetcn.com's subsidiary "Stock Picker" platform faced controversy and legal trouble for alleged illegal operations, resulting in convictions for its founder Wu Xiaopeng and executive Fan Dianhua. This event highlighted the legal risks in the financial information service sector and underscored the importance of industry standards and legal compliance.

Market Impact and Future Outlook

Wallstreetcn.com holds a significant position in the Chinese financial information services industry, and its market data and analysis are crucial for investors and financial professionals. Despite legal and regulatory challenges, Wallstreetcn.com continues to demonstrate strong market influence and business resilience. In the future, the company may further expand its service offerings while maintaining a focus on legal compliance to sustain its competitive advantage and brand reputation in the market.

User Interface and Technological Innovation

Wallstreetcn.com continuously optimizes its user interface and technology to enhance user experience and data processing efficiency. The website and mobile applications provide users with convenient access and operation experiences through intuitive design and efficient data updates. The company's application of data analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning strengthens its technological advantage in financial information services.

Social Responsibility and Industry Influence

As a significant participant in the financial information services industry, Wallstreetcn.com not only achieves commercial success but also bears social responsibility. By providing accurate and timely market information, the company helps investors make informed decisions, playing a vital role in promoting transparency and efficiency in financial markets. Additionally, its analysis and forecasts of market trends influence the direction of the financial industry's development.

Future Development Challenges and Opportunities

Looking ahead, Wallstreetcn.com faces challenges such as maintaining high-quality content while ensuring legal compliance, addressing market competition, and adapting to technological changes. Simultaneously, with the continuous development of financial markets and diversified investor demands, Wallstreetcn.com has opportunities to further solidify its leading position in the industry through innovative services and technology.

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FAQ About Wallstreetcn


What is Wallstreetcn's official website?

A: Wallstreetcn's official website is https://wallstreetcn.com/


Is Wallstreetcn a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: Wallstreetcn is currently marked as Active on TraderKnows.


What is Wallstreetcn?

A: Wallstreetcn is a Multi-Asset, Media company.

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