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ECONOMIC VIEW is a financial and economic new media organization founded by China News in 2016, with its headquarters located in Beijing, China. The organization primarily utilizes a mobile application (app) as its main dissemination platform, providing rich content on China's economic information, financial policy interpretation, and wealth stories. As a new media, ECONOMIC VIEW leverages the internet and mobile technology and rapid dissemination and diverse content formats to meet users' demands for financial and economic information.

Development History of ECONOMIC VIEW:

  1. Founding Stage: ECONOMIC VIEW was established by China News in 2016 as a financial and economic new media platform.
  2. Launch of Mobile App: During its initial development, ECONOMIC VIEW launched a mobile app as its primary dissemination platform. Through this mobile app, ECONOMIC VIEW offers content on China's economic information, financial policy interpretation, wealth stories, and more, catering to users' financial and economic information needs.
  3. Establishment of ECONOMIC VIEW Research Institute: As a think tank platform of ECONOMIC VIEW, the ECONOMIC VIEW Research Institute gathers renowned experts and scholars from both domestic and overseas, focusing on research and consultation in the financial and economic fields. The institute conducts research projects, publishes research findings and provides professional consulting services, offering users in-depth analysis and industry reports.
  4. Further development: ECONOMIC VIEW continues to develop, continuously optimizing the content and functionalities of its mobile app to enhance user experience. Additionally, ECONOMIC VIEW continues to expand its partnerships, collaborating with institutions and experts at home and abroad to provide users with financial and economic information and services.

ECONOMIC VIEW's main customer groups can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Financial and Economic Information Seekers: This group of customers has a high demand for information related to China's economy and financial sector. They seek authoritative, forward-looking, and professional content on financial news reporting, financial policy interpretation, wealth stories, and more. Potential members of this group include investors, entrepreneurs, economists, etc.
  2. Think Tank Service Seekers: This group of customers has a high demand for research and consultation services in the financial and economic fields. They seek research reports, policy recommendations, industry analyses and more from renowned experts and scholars at home and abroad through the ECONOMIC VIEW Research Institute's think tank platform. Potential members of this group include government sectors, financial institutions, consulting companies, etc.
  3. Event Participants: These clients are interested in financial and economic forums, summits, salons and other events. They wish to participate in various activities and engage in exchanges and interactions with government officials, entrepreneurs, scholars, etc., to gain access to the latest financial and economic information and perspectives. Potential members of this group include financial professionals, corporate executives, scholars, etc.
  4. Partners: This group of customers has a strategic cooperation relationship with ECONOMIC VIEW, including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese business organizations, think tanks at home and abroad, universities, and research institutions. They collaborate with ECONOMIC VIEW in resource sharing, customized information services, offline events, and jointly promote the development of the financial and economic sectors. Potential members of this group include chamber of commerce organizations, research institutions, higher education institutions, etc.

ECONOMIC VIEW also organizes various financial and economic events, such as:

  1. Industry Summits: ECONOMIC VIEW hosts a series of summits targeting specific industries or sectors. Experts, entrepreneurs, scholars from the respective industries are invited to participate in discussions on industry development trends, innovative models, challenges and so on.
  2. Economic Summit Forums: ECONOMIC VIEW regularly holds Economic Summit Forums, inviting financial leaders, scholars, and experts to engage in in-depth discussions and exchanges on significant economic topics, exploring future development directions and strategies.

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What is the official website of ECONOMIC VIEW?

The official website of ECONOMIC VIEW is http://www.jwview.com.


Is ECONOMIC VIEW legit or scam?

ECONOMIC VIEW is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is ECONOMIC VIEW?

ECONOMIC VIEW is a Multi-Asset, Media company.

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