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BrokersView is a forex media company established in 2017, affiliated with BrokersView Ltd. Since its inception, BrokersView has been dedicated to becoming the industry-leading broker review platform, aimed at helping forex traders worldwide find the best forex brokers in a simple and efficient manner. By providing detailed information, professional analysis, and a genuine review system, BrokersView aims to enhance trading transparency and offer objective content to forex traders.

BrokersView Homepage

Corporate Mission and Philosophy

BrokersView's corporate slogan emphasizes that all collected data is used to enhance trading transparency and provide objective content. The platform declares that it profits only through advertising revenues and has informed all partners that the partnership will not affect the objectivity and truthfulness of the data displayed on its website. This reflects BrokersView's commitment to providing fair and transparent information, as well as its dedication to protecting user interests and market integrity.

BrokersView Introduction

Services and Features

  • Forex Broker Filter

BrokersView provides users with a powerful forex broker filter, allowing them to find the most suitable brokers for their needs through different parameters, such as regulatory status, platform type, and trading tools.

BrokersView Forex Brokers Filters

  • Scam Broker List

To protect traders from fraud, BrokersView has compiled a scam broker list to help users identify and avoid dishonest brokers.

BrokersView Scam Broker List

  • BROKERSVIEW Live Trading Assessment

BrokersView also offers a live trading assessment service for the forex broker's trading environment. Through in-depth analysis of the trading environment, it provides traders with objective evaluations of the broker's trading conditions.

BrokersView Live Trading Assessment

  • Forex Broker Rankings

The platform also features forex broker rankings in various countries, helping users understand the performance and evaluation of brokers worldwide.

BrokersView Forex Brokers Ranking

Client Support and Languages

BrokersView supports IOS, Android, and WEB clients, meeting the access needs of different users. The platform supports multiple languages, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Arabic, Thai, Bahasa, Japanese, and Korean, reflecting its global service features.

Social Responsibility and Communication

BrokersView interacts with users through social media platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, sharing the latest forex news and industry trends. Additionally, BrokersView regularly organizes offline events and Expos, offering professionals in the forex industry opportunities for communication and learning.

User Feedback and Complaint Mechanism

BrokersView has a dedicated complaint channel and an investor dispute resolution platform, ensuring users receive timely and effective assistance when encountering problems. This not only reflects BrokersView's emphasis on user experience but also reinforces its role as a protector of forex traders' rights.

BrokersView Claims


As a forex media platform, BrokersView's services and features aim to create value for forex traders, helping them make more informed trading decisions by enhancing trading transparency and providing objective content. With the continuous development of the forex market, BrokersView will continue to play a significant role in providing support and assistance to forex traders worldwide.

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FAQ About BrokersView


What is the official website of BrokersView?

The official website of BrokersView is https://www.brokersview.com/.


Is BrokersView legit or scam?

BrokersView is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is BrokersView?

BrokersView is a Forex, Media company.

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