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FX168 Finance Group was established in the late 1990s with the original intention of providing timely and accurate financial news and investment services to the global Chinese community. With the development of internet technology and the integration of the global economy, FX168 has gradually evolved into a comprehensive financial information service platform covering foreign exchange, the stock market, cryptocurrencies and NFTs, precious metals, commodities, futures, and other varieties of columns.

Services and Products

The services and products provided by FX168 Finance Group include financial news, economic data, broker reviews, real-time market quotes, live streaming videos, and investment courses. Through its multiple platforms, including FX168 Financial Website, FX168 North America, FX168 Vietnam, 24K99 Precious Metals, 99 Futures, and FX168 Finance Academy, the group offers 24-hour, cross-time zone, full-variety real-time financial news and brand promotion services to global investors.

A List of Products Operated by FX168:

  • FX168 Popular Edition: The "Popular Edition" section of the FX168 Financial Website provides a platform for users to publish short articles, long articles, and videos. This feature enhances the interaction and information sharing among users, making the dissemination of financial news more diversified and personalized.
  • Latest Negative Reviews Videos of Brokers: By organizing the latest negative review information from major platforms, FX168 provides investors with an important reference resource. These negative review videos help users better understand the service quality and potential risks of various brokers.
  • FX168 Review Flagship Store: In the "Review Flagship Store" section, FX168 provides detailed reviews and ratings for major forex brokers. This service offers valuable information and guidance for investors to choose reliable brokers.
  • FX168 Signal Treasure: "Signal Treasure" is a service offered by FX168, which includes signal alerts, technical analysis, and sentiment indicators. These tools are designed to help investors keep track of market dynamics and make more accurate investment decisions.
  • Bull Posts Treasure: The "Bull Posts Treasure" section offers users a space to post unlimited articles, encouraging them to share high-quality financial information and personal insights. This open content contribution mechanism further promotes knowledge exchange and community activity.

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Global Investment Services

In addition to basic financial information services, FX168 Finance Group also provides a full range of investment services, including one-stop financial consulting, compliance private fund establishment and management, large-scale exhibition planning and execution, New Wealth Salon, and investor education and training. These services are aimed at helping investors adjust their investment decisions timely and accumulate wealth.

Brand Promotion and Cooperation

FX168 Finance Group has rich media resources and a broad cooperation network, offering comprehensive brand promotion services through PC, APP, social media, and other all-media platforms. The group also provides corporate personality interview videos, video live broadcasts, and event reporting services, enhancing the brand influence of partners through multi-channel, multi-form content creation and dissemination.


FX168 Finance Group is a comprehensive financial service provider with a global vision, having served the global Chinese market for over 20 years since its establishment. With its extensive experience in finance and investment, professional data analysis capabilities, and global service network, FX168 has become an important provider of financial information and services for the global Chinese community. Through continuous innovation and service optimization, FX168 is committed to becoming a leader in global digital wealth, providing more professional, comprehensive, and in-depth financial news and investment services to global investors.

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