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FX110, established in 2011 in China, is a forex broker rating platform that offers a wide array of services tailored to forex traders and investors. It's recognized for being one of the earliest platforms in China to provide specialized information on forex trading platforms. With over a decade of operation, FX110 has positioned itself as a professional and responsible media outlet in the forex industry. Despite some limitations in self-promotion, the platform is known for its business innovation and practical features that greatly facilitate its users' experience​​​​.

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Services Offered by FX110:

  1. Forex Broker Queries: Users can access detailed information about various forex brokers, including their regulatory compliance, spreads, leverage, and user ratings. This helps in making informed decisions while choosing a suitable broker and comparing different trading costs and quotes​​.
  2. Regulatory Authority Information: FX110 provides introductions to forex regulatory bodies, license types, regulatory scopes, and complaint mechanisms, assisting users in verifying the regulatory licenses of specific brokers and understanding the significance of forex regulation​​.
  3. Complaints and Exposures: The platform allows users to view complaints against brokers, track the progress and outcomes of these complaints, and submit their issues. This feature aids in safeguarding users' rights and avoiding risks​​.
  4. Forex News and Insights: FX110 offers up-to-date news, analysis, commentary, and predictions about the forex market, enabling users to stay informed about market dynamics and discover opportunities​​.
  5. Forex Books: Users have access to a variety of forex-related books and can purchase e-books or physical copies. This resource helps in enhancing forex knowledge and skills​​.
  6. Forex Trading Strategies: The platform introduces various forex trading strategies and examples, aiding users in developing their trading approach​​.
  7. Offline Salons: FX110 organizes brand offline events such as trading salons and lectures under the sub-columns "IB's Home" and "Forex Friends' Home," providing opportunities for community engagement and knowledge sharing​​.

Additional Features and Innovations:

  • Trading Platform Analysis: FX110 has been instrumental in resolving issues related to platform qualification due to language barriers and providing SWIFT query solutions for international bank transfers​​.
  • Huichat and Huihu Apps: Recently added features, these apps facilitate communication within the forex community, similar to WeChat and Zhihu but focused on forex trading​​.
  • Agent Section: A dedicated section for agents, aiding them in attracting clients and offering guidance to newcomers in forex trading​​.
  • Offline Activities: FX110 hosts its own events and provides information about industry events and seminars, encouraging local community engagement​​.
  • Leaderboard: A feature for showcasing user accounts, facilitating learning and communication among traders​​.
  • Learning Resources: The platform offers forex books, an encyclopedia, and downloadable resources like MT4 indicators and trading tools​​.
  • Rights Protection Center: A section dedicated to helping users with platform-related issues, including consultation, rights protection, and exposure of issues​​.

FX110's multifaceted approach, combining detailed information on forex trading, educational resources, community engagement tools, and a focus on user rights, reflects its commitment to serving the forex trading community comprehensively. So far on Traderknows, FX110 is marked as "Active".

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FAQ About FX110


What is FX110's official website?

A: FX110's official website is https://www.fx110.com/


Is FX110 a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: FX110 is currently marked as Active on TraderKnows.


What is FX110?

A: FX110 is a Forex, Media company.

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