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JIEMIAN.COM, established in September 2014 by the Shanghai Newspaper Group, is a leading Chinese financial news media focused on in-depth business and financial reporting and diverse content presentation. Since its inception, JIEMIAN.COM has quickly occupied an important position in the field of financial media with its rich, high-quality reports. Its client has been rated as one of the "Top Ten Influential Apps," ranking first in the iResearch Business Information Mobile App Index for six consecutive years (2017 to 2022).

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Corporate Background

Shanghai Interface Financial Media Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, headquartered in Xuhui District, Shanghai, mainly engaged in value-added telecommunications services, Internet news services, and radio and television program production. The company's business also covers technical services, computer software and hardware sales, e-commerce, etc., and has invested in 8 companies, with 3 branches. As a pioneer in the field of technology and information services, Interface Financial Media is committed to providing professional services and innovative solutions.

Shanghai Interface Financial Media Technology Co., Ltd.

Content Sections

JIEMIAN.COM focuses on business and financial news as its core, organizing around four major content sections, covering more than 70 content channels, offering users comprehensive and multifaceted news and information.

Business Section

Continuously focuses on the forefront of business information in fields such as technology, real estate, automobiles, consumer products, industry, and entrepreneurship, reporting on well-known domestic and international companies and brands. Through in-depth reporting and analysis, it establishes influence over well-known companies.

Finance Section

Dives deep into the capital market, accurately, quickly, and with high quality reporting on the dynamics of capital markets in China and globally from multiple perspectives such as finance, investment, securities, macroeconomy, and stock market, providing authoritative financial information to users.

News Section

Focuses on Chinese politics, social issues, and major international news reporting, offering multi-layered and in-depth news content through commentary columns and data visualization articles, meeting users' demand for high-quality news content.

Cultural Life Section

Pays attention to popular culture, recommends quality lifestyles, and discusses fields like literature, books, history, and thought. In addition, JIEMIAN.COM explores corners ignored by mainstream media, recording this era with a unique social perspective and intellectual depth.

Interface News Content Sections

Content Brands and Collaboration

In addition to solid original business and financial reporting,JIEMIAN.COM has incubated numerous influential content brands through platforms such as social media, short videos, live streaming, such as Interface Number, Interface International, Noon, Arrow Factory, Interface Vnews, etc., offering a rich and diverse range of content to users.

Furthermore, Interface News's content is also made accessible to more users through collaborations with platforms like Today's Headlines, Baidu, UC, Tencent, NetEase, Sina, Sohu, Kuaishou, and East Money, exposing them to its original high-quality content.

Users and Partners

JIEMIAN.COM is highly regarded by entrepreneurs and industry leaders, with over 500 entrepreneurs being its users and endorsers. Additionally, more than 300 companies and well-known brands from various industries have become customers of JIEMIAN.COM, receiving professional brand promotion and integrated marketing services.

Interface Financial Media

In 2018, JIEMIAN.COM merged with Financial Media to become Interface Financial Media, a new type of financial news and financial data service provider in China. Through original financial information and innovative financial technology tools, Interface Financial Media offers news, data, and trading services to the business community, investment institutions, and listed companies. It owns mobile app products like Financial Media, Blue Whale Finance, and Science and Technology Board Daily, offering users rapid, accurate, authoritative, and professional financial information.

Interface News


As a leader in Chinese financial media, JIEMIAN.COM not only provides high-quality business and financial information to users but also offers a comprehensive, in-depth, and diverse financial world through innovative content forms and deep industry analysis. With Interface News and its merged entity, Interface Financial Media, continuously advancing in content production and technological innovation, they will keep leading the development direction of Chinese financial media, providing users with richer and more professional financial news and services.

Currently, JIEMIAN.COM is marked as "Normal Operations" on TraderKnows.

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What is the official website of JIEMIAN.COM?

The official website of JIEMIAN.COM is https://www.jiemian.com/.


Is JIEMIAN.COM legit or scam?

JIEMIAN.COM is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is JIEMIAN.COM?

JIEMIAN.COM is a Multi-Asset, Media company.

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