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Guba.com is a stock finance media company established in 2017. It primarily offers a platform for the exchange of ideas among stock market experts, dedicated to providing users with professional stock market analysis and interaction opportunities. Through its website and mobile application, Guba.com strives to provide users with comprehensive stock market information and a community environment for exchange and learning, making it an important platform for the exchange of ideas and strategies among stock market investors and analysts.

Company Background

Guba.com was founded on June 6, 2017, its corporate entity being Yunzhang Financial Consulting Co., Ltd., with Wang Wei serving as the company director. Its registered office is located at Room 601, Building #1, Xinda Investment Company, 535 Wangjiang West Road, High-tech Zone, Hefei City, with the Unified Social Credit Code 91340100MA2NNY368Q.

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Whois Inquiry

According to a Whois inquiry, the official website domain name of Guba.com was registered on February 6, 1998.

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Products and Services

As a stock market exchange platform, Guba.com may offer various services such as sharing stock market information, investment analysis, and discussion forums. The product and service sections of Guba.com include:

  • Experts: Presenting observations and analysis from stock market experts and renowned investors.
  • Newsflash: Providing the latest stock market news, events, and real-time information.
  • Must Read: Selecting essential articles and in-depth analysis to help understand market dynamics.
  • Market: Real-time stock market data and market analysis.
  • Yunzhang ID: A platform offering professional content or services.
  • Guba.com APP Download: Available for users to download the mobile application, facilitating information access and interaction on mobile devices.
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Guba.com is a financial media platform focused on stock market information and investor communication. It offers various services such as professional analysis, real-time stock market news, market data, and in-depth articles to meet the needs of different investors, dedicated to providing investors with a high-quality exchange and learning environment. Currently, Guba.com is marked as "Operating Normally" on Traderkonws.

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FAQ About Guba.com


What is the official website of Guba.com?

The official website of Guba.com is http://www.guba.com/.


Is Guba.com legit or scam?

Guba.com is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is Guba.com?

Guba.com is a Stock, Media company.

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