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gupiao111 was established in 2013 and registered in Shanghai as a stock financial media company, aiming to provide a comprehensive investment and information platform for stock investors and financial enthusiasts. The company offers comprehensive, real-time stock market information, investment tools, learning resources, and communication platforms, dedicated to helping users deeply understand the stock market and improve investment efficiency.

Company Profile:

gupiao111, officially known as Shanghai Aizhi Information Technology Co., Ltd., was formally established on June 14, 2013. Jiang Xiuxuan serves as the legal representative. The company is located at Room J832, Building 14, No. 655 Fengzhou Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, and its social credit code is 91310114071189859Y.

Stock111 Registration Information

Whois Query Information:

According to the information obtained from Whois, the official website domain name of gupiao111 was registered on January 5, 2016.

Stock111 whois.com domain age data

Core Services and Features:

Stock Market Information and Analysis: gupiao111 provides multidimensional stock market information, including market trends, individual stock movements, and industry news, aimed at helping investors grasp market dynamics and make rational investment choices.

Investment Tools: The platform integrates a variety of investment tools, such as stock market queries, technical analysis charts, and financial data analysis, supporting investors in conducting in-depth analysis and research.

Educational Resources: It has an educational resource section covering everything from stock market basics to investment strategies and risk management, suitable for investors at all levels to learn and improve.

Communication Platform: Through the stock bar forum, it provides investors with a community to exchange and share investment experiences, facilitating discussions on market trends, sharing insights, or seeking advice.

User Experience: The website design is clear and the navigation is straightforward, with rich content and quick updates, aimed at meeting the information needs of different users.

Website Design:

The website design of gupiao111 focuses on clarity and simplicity, providing an easy-to-navigate user interface. It emphasizes user experience, with a logical layout and categorization that quickly guides users to the needed stock market information, investment tools, educational resources, and communication platforms. The interface style is modern, with professional color combinations, aiming to create a visually comfortable and intuitive online investment and learning environment for users. The richness and update speed of content is also a highlight of its design, meeting the needs of different investors.

Stock111 Official Website


As a comprehensive stock investment and financial information platform, gupiao111, with its timely market information, practical investment tools, rich learning resources, and active community exchanges, provides a high-quality platform for stock investors and financial enthusiasts to understand the stock market and enhance their investment skills. Currently, gupiao111 is marked as "Active" on Traderkonws.

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FAQ About gupiao111


What is the official website of gupiao111?

The official website of gupiao111 is https://www.gupiao111.com/.


Is gupiao111 legit or scam?

gupiao111 is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is gupiao111?

gupiao111 is a Stock, Media, Education company.

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