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Iguower.com is a globally leading digital economy media platform, dedicated to providing fast, professional, and accurate services for global blockchain entrepreneurs and digital currency investors. Founded in 2018, the platform is based in the digital economy domain, aiming to create an industry-leading industrial chain service platform that encompasses news, information, digital currency databases, project information disclosure, community, and the construction of a self-media ecosystem. Iguower.com offers valuable information services to its users with its professional and authoritative reporting standards.

Corporate Background

Iguower.com was formally established on December 21, 2016, as a brand under Shanghai Molo Information Technology Co., Ltd. The company's registered address is at Unit 2-301, Building 2, No. 29 Shajing Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, with the unified social credit code 91310101MA1FP5A14U.

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Whois Inquiry

According to information obtained through a Whois inquiry, the official website domain name of Iguower.com was registered on June 25, 2018.

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Platform and Influence

Through its rich content sections, including quick news, headlines, news, policies, entrepreneurship, etc., Iguower.com covers a variety of formats such as news information, popular science, in-depth reports, video topics, interviews, and observation of public opinion trends. The platform focuses on the industry perspective on innovation exploration in the new economy and innovation fields, exporting valuable innovative vitality for the financial technology industry.

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Products and Services

Iguower.com offers 24/7 services, presenting the most comprehensive financial information to its users through a combination of text, images, and videos. In addition, the platform has hundreds of column authors, making it the most innovative platform in the new economy and innovation within the country.

Featured Content

Iguower.com distinguishes itself by delivering valuable financial technology insights with a professional and serious attitude, thereby capturing the high ground in the content of the new economy and innovation industries. With over 200 column authors creating content on the platform, more than 100 in-depth articles have been published, dedicated to providing the latest trending news and information for global digital economy enthusiasts.


In summary, as a company focused on the digital economy and financial technology, Iguower.com has become a leading force in the industry with its unique industrial chain services and non-profit operating model. Currently, Iguower.com is marked as "operating normally" on Traderkonws.

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FAQ About Iguower.com


What is Iguower.com's official website?

A: Iguower.com's official website is http://www.iguower.com/


Is Iguower.com a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: Iguower.com is currently marked as Active on TraderKnows.


What is Iguower.com?

A: Iguower.com is a Crypto, Media company.

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