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FinanceRun, a blockchain financial media company, was founded in 2017 with its headquarters in Beijing. It offers objective and fair deep media content on blockchain through its professional media team, acting as a bridge between blockchain technology and application practitioners.

Corporate Background

The corporate entity behind FinanceRun is Beijing FinaceUnion Technology Co., Ltd., established on January 22, 2009, with Qin Xin serving as the company director. Headquartered at 202B, Unit 252, Building 1, No. 1 Courtyard, Lizhong Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, the company has the Unified Social Credit Code 91110106685140267N. Its website (www.finacerun.com) was registered on December 27, 2017.

FinanceRun Registration Information

Whois Inquiry

According to a Whois inquiry, the official website domain name of FinanceRun was registered on December 27, 2017.


Management Team/Leadership Information

The team members of FinanceRun hail from well-known domestic media outlets such as CCTV, People's Daily Online, NetEase, Sohu, Sina, Legal Evening News, and China Trade News. These members bring a wealth of experience to the company, including roles as in-depth research journalists and technology reporters, providing a solid foundation for FinanceRun's professionalism and authority.

Development History

Since its operation in December 2017, FinanceRun, as a veteran in the blockchain industry, has focused on in-depth reporting and analysis of industry development. The company is committed to becoming a major service platform in the blockchain field, offering comprehensive industry data support and rigorous innovative thinking guidance to both technology and application practitioners in the blockchain space.

Products and Services

FinanceRun has launched several in-depth content brands, such as "Blockchain Wind Cloud List," "Blockchain 315," "Blockchain Project Assessment," "Face-to-Face with Big Shots," "Leek Gentleman," "Talking Blockchain," and "White Gourd Blockchain," which are popular among industry practitioners. The company's products and services feature the following:

  • Blockchain 315: Focused on industry-specific reporting, it concentrates on industry chaos through professional understanding, restoring the truth of facts.
  • Blockchain Red and Black List: Comprehensive project analysis through the FinanceRun Project Value Evaluation Model (FEMPV).
  • Chain+: Offers personalized custom services to meet users' individual information needs.
  • Digital Asset Housekeeper: Tracks real-time market data of digital assets of interest to the user, providing market alerts.
  • Startup Whiteboard: Provides a comprehensive, reliable, and transparent data information and industry technology learning platform.
FinanceRun Official Website


With its professional media team and in-depth industry reporting, FinanceRun has become an important information platform in the blockchain field. Through its diverse products and services, FinanceRun not only bridges the gap between blockchain technology and application practitioners but also contributes to the entire blockchain ecosystem. Currently, FinanceRun is marked as "Operating Normally" on Traderkonws.

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FAQ About FinanceRun


What is the official website of FinanceRun?

The official website of FinanceRun is http://www.finacerun.com/.


Is FinanceRun legit or scam?

FinanceRun is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is FinanceRun?

FinanceRun is a Crypto, Media company.

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