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FRFX is a cryptocurrency CFD broker established in Hong Kong, China, on September 4, 2018, offering services in cryptocurrency CFDs, indices, energy, precious metals, futures, stocks, and more. This broker provides four real account types, with the minimum deposit being $100 and the leverage reaching up to 400 times.

Corporate Background:

Flourisi Co., Limited, registered in Hong Kong, China, in 2018 with registration number 69835751, is a financial brokerage firm. However, its specific registration address has not been disclosed. Allegedly, the company established a branch in New Zealand named Flourisi Group Limited, but investigations revealed no record of registration for Flourisi Group Limited in New Zealand. This has led to speculation about the brokerage fabricating its registration information.

The official domain name for the brokerage was registered on November 6, 2023, less than a year ago. However, the transparency of the brokerage's website information and registration details is low, which may raise investors' concerns about its credibility and reliability.

Company registration information of FRFX路Flourisi International

New Zealand registration inquiry for FRFX路Flourisi International

Domain registration time for FRFX路Flourisi International

Regulatory Status:

The broker claims to be regulated by the Canadian Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (FINTRAC) and holds a FINTRAC-issued MSB regulatory license, with the regulatory number M20201096. FINTRAC is responsible for collecting, analyzing, assessing, and disclosing information related to Canada's financial industry, aiming to protect Canada's financial stability and security. Its tasks include preventing money laundering and financing of terrorist activities while ensuring the protection of personal information. However, it seems that the broker's services are not effectively regulated.

Trading Products:

The broker offers a variety of trading products, including currency pairs, precious metals, crude oil, commodities, stock indices, and digital currencies. Cryptocurrency CFDs provide high leverage and support for short-selling. Currency pairs, precious metals, crude oil, commodities, and stock indices offer spreads as low as 0.1 pips, with leverage of 1:100, and trading hours from Monday to Friday. For digital currencies, the leverage ranges from 1:10 to 1:25, with trading hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Trading products of FRFX路Flourisi International

Trading Platform:

The broker provides diversified trading platforms, offering popular trading tools to break financial trading geographic restrictions, achieving the goal of one account connecting to global financial markets. The trading platforms include MetaTrader 4 and the FRFX APP, supporting Android, Windows, and Mac versions. Note that while the MT4 platform may be mentioned on the official website, the actual platform provided might be MT5, so customers should pay attention to the accurate information about the platform version. Additionally, the download link leads to the FXBTG official App download page, not the MT4 or MT5 download page.

Trading platforms of FRFX路Flourisi International

Account Types:

The broker offers various account types to satisfy different needs and investment levels of clients. These account types include real accounts and demo accounts. Real accounts are divided into MINI, STD standard, VIP, and PRO professional accounts. The minimum deposit for a MINI account is $100. These account types are available for trading on multiple platforms, including the PC version of MT4 (supporting Windows/Linux/MAC OS), and the mobile version of MT4 (supporting iPhone/Android/iPad). Moreover, for forex trading, the maximum leverage can reach 400 times.

Account types of FRFX路Flourisi International

Risk Warning:

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are complex financial instruments that come with high risk and leverage. This means that even slight market fluctuations could lead to significant capital losses. Before deciding to trade CFDs, users should thoroughly understand how they work and acknowledge the risk of rapid loss. The services provided by Flourisi Co., Limited may not be suitable for all investors. Additionally, be advised that the company may not offer CFD trading services to residents of certain jurisdictions.


FRFX is a cryptocurrency CFD broker lacking effective regulation and fabricating its registration information. The low transparency of the broker's website and registration details may raise investors' concerns regarding its credibility and reliability. Investors should remain cautious about this trading platform.

Currently, FRFX is marked as 鈥渟uspected fraud鈥 on TraderKnows.

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What is FRFX's official website?

A: FRFX's official website is https://www.frfx.markets/


Is FRFX a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: FRFX is currently marked as Suspected Fraud on TraderKnows.


What is FRFX?

A: FRFX is a Crypto, CFD, Brokerage company.

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