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Niuniuwang.cn is a stock and financial media company established in 2014, dedicated to providing users with comprehensive financial information services. As a stock and finance media company, Niuniuwang.cn primarily offers stock market dynamics, financial news, and investment financing guidance, aiming to help users better understand and respond to changes in the financial market.

Company Background

Niuniuwang.cn was founded on March 7, 2014, with its corporate entity being Guangzhou Aizhonggai Information Technology Co., Ltd. The registered office is located at Floor 5, Self-Compiled A42, 604 No. 2 People's North Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou. The company's Unified Social Credit Code is 914401010937792942.

Niuniu Network Registration Information

Whois Inquiry

According to Whois inquiry, the official website domain name of Niuniuwang.cn was registered on May 29, 2014.

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Development History

Since its establishment, Niuniuwang.cn has gradually established a good industry reputation by continuously expanding its service range and improving service quality. The company has always adhered to the principles of professionalism, objectivity, and timeliness, providing investors with reliable financial information and investment financing guidance.

Products and Services

Niuniuwang.cn mainly offers the following products and services:

  • Hong Kong Research Guarantee: Provides users with professional Hong Kong stock research reports and investment advice, helping investors better understand the Hong Kong stock market dynamics and formulate investment strategies.
  • Hong Kong Column: Offers column articles written by experts, covering stock market analysis, investment skills, industry trends, and other aspects, providing users with comprehensive financial information and investment guidance.
  • Hong Kong Stock Observatory: Provides users with comprehensive Hong Kong stock market data and real-time quotes, helping users stay informed about stock market trends, seize investment opportunities, and increase investment success rates.


Niuniu Network's main business is providing comprehensive financial information services. Adhering to the principles of professionalism, objectivity, and timeliness, the company has won the trust and praise of a broad investor base by continuously optimizing its products and services. Currently, Niuniu Network is marked as "Normally Operating" on Trading Encyclopedia.

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FAQ About Niuniuwang.cn


What is the official website of Niuniuwang.cn?

The official website of Niuniuwang.cn is http://www.niuniuwang.cn/.


Is Niuniuwang.cn legit or scam?

Niuniuwang.cn is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is Niuniuwang.cn?

Niuniuwang.cn is a Stock, Media company.

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