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Tqcj.com, a financial media company established in 2015, primarily offers financial news and investment analysis services. Aimed at providing professional and comprehensive financial information to a broad base of investors, Tqcj.com has garnered industry attention for its deep market insights and rich content, under the leadership of the company director Liu Zhijun.

Company Background

Tqcj.com, under Hunan Jufeng Qinbao Technology Co., Ltd., is a financial media company founded in 2015. It is registered at Room 210, No. 1, Yazi Shop Road, Yuehu Street, Kaifu District, Changsha City, with the Unified Social Credit Code 91430100351658402F. Directed by Liu Zhijun, the company is a localized yet profoundly influential media platform.

Registration information of Tqcj.com

Whois Inquiry

According to Whois inquiries, the official website domain of Tqcj.com (https://www.tqcj.com/) was registered on April 27, 2002.

Tqcj.com domain age data from 1whois.com

Positioning and Goals

Tqcj.com is dedicated to becoming the most trusted platform for financial news and information. Its goal is to provide comprehensive, timely, and accurate financial news, helping investors make informed decisions.

Platform and Influence

The platform covers practical information in various financial fields such as stocks, funds, futures, credit cards, loans, and more. Tqcj.com not only offers basic financial knowledge interpretations but also features multiple tools and data inquiry functions, like the LPR rate history inquiry, meeting the financial data needs of a wide range of investors.

Products and Services

Tqcj.com provides a variety of products and services, including online news, market analysis, and investment advice, catering to the needs of different investors.

Official website of Tqcj.com

Unique Content

The company emphasizes digging deep into the stories behind financial news, providing unique market insights and analysis, offering readers an extraordinary reading experience. Its website’s finance news and financial encyclopedia sections offer in-depth analyses on different financial products and market trends, guiding users through complex financial information with clarity. Additionally, it offers practical tools like the LPR rate inquiry, helping users quickly grasp market trends.


In summary, Tqcj.com is a financial media company with professional dedication and a rich historical background, serving a wide range of investors with its unique market observations and high-quality content. Currently, Tqcj.com is marked as "operating normally" on Traderkonws.

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FAQ About Tqcj.com


What is the official website of Tqcj.com?

The official website of Tqcj.com is https://www.tqcj.com/.


Is Tqcj.com legit or scam?

Tqcj.com is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is Tqcj.com?

Tqcj.com is a Stock, Media company.

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