Market Insights: Dec 13th, 2023


Asia-Pacific Accounting Firm Penalized for Fraud Case at Huacheng Group; Argentine Currency Devaluation; X Company Expects Decline in Advertising Sales for 2023

Economic Policies and Macroeconomics

  1. Han Wenxiu Interprets China's Economic Policies: At the 2023-2024 China Economic Annual Conference, emphasis was placed on the significance of strengthening and improving macroeconomic regulation. The policy approach of "seeking stability while promoting progress, with breakthroughs following establishment" was introduced. This involves implementing policies favorable to stabilizing expectations, promoting growth, and fostering employment, while cautiously adopting contractionary and inhibitory measures.
  2. Bank of Japan Maintains Yield Curve Control Policy: If the policy is terminated, it could lead to a substantial increase in the yield of Japan's 10-year government bonds. Considering Japan's massive debt burden, this could trigger a fiscal crisis.
  3. U.S. Economy Headed for a Soft Landing: U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen stated that the U.S. economy is heading for a "soft landing," with inflation on a decline, nearing the 2% target set by the Federal Reserve.

Banking and Financial Markets

  1. China Banking Research Predicts Profit Growth for Commercial Banks: In 2024, the anticipated profit growth for Chinese commercial banks is expected to hover around 3%. Although they may continue to face pressure from the narrowing of net interest margins, the degree of contraction is anticipated to decrease.
  2. Surge in Special Bond Issuance by Small and Medium-sized Banks: Since 2023, a total of 208.28 billion yuan has been issued, surpassing the amount from the same period last year by more than threefold. Small and medium-sized banks grapple with the dual challenge of diminished endogenous capital replenishment capabilities and an elevation in the risk weight of subordinated debt.
  3. China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) Proposes Standardizing Administrative Enforcement Practices: For violations not identified within a two-year timeframe, no administrative penalties will be levied. However, if the infractions pertain to financial security and carry consequential risks, the enforcement deadline extends to five years.

Corporate Highlights and Industry Updates

  1. Wanda Film's Strong Resumption: Wanda Film resumes trading with a limit up, marking a significant shift as Wanda Cultural Group, Beijing Hengrun, and Wang Jianlin finalize a share transfer agreement with Ru Yi Investment, resulting in a change in the company's controlling ownership.
  2. Executive Compensation Adjustment at Country Garden: Executives at Country Garden experience reductions in annual salaries, showcasing strategic adjustments in financial management and cost control within the company.
  3. Asia-Pacific Accounting Firm Penalized in Hua Chen Group Case: In a groundbreaking development, an Asia-Pacific accounting firm faces a penalty of CNY 3 million as the first intermediary institution to be administratively penalized in the Hua Chen Group falsification case, highlighting increased scrutiny on financial practices.

Money Market and Foreign Exchange

Devaluation of Argentine Currency: Following the assumption of the new president, the Argentine currency has depreciated by 54%, potentially exerting profound effects on Argentina and its international economic relationships.

Stock Market and Investments

  1. Stock Market Movements: Cal-Maine's stock price declined due to avian flu concerns, while TE Connectivity experienced a rise in stock prices attributed to a buyback program.
  2. X Company Anticipates Decline in 2023 Advertising Sales: According to media reports, it is expected that advertising sales for X Company will decrease to $2.5 billion.
  3. Top Australian Pension Fund Increases Private Credit Authorization: The leading Australian retirement fund has elevated its private credit authorization to $1.5 billion.
  4. HSBC Bank Shifts Focus to Automotive Stocks: HSBC Bank initiates attention towards the automotive stock market.


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