Asia Pacific Accounting fined 3 million yuan for Brilliance Group's fraud.


Asia Pacific (Group) CPAs, involved in the financial fraud case of Hua Chen Group, was subjected to severe administrative penalties for its negligent role, becoming the first intermediary institution to be penalized in this case.

Recently, Asia Pacific (Group) CPAs has faced significant administrative penalties due to its role in the financial fraud case involving Huachen Group. The China Securities Regulatory Commission announced that the firm has been fined ¥3 million for negligence in the audit process, making it the first intermediary institution to receive administrative penalties in this case.


(Source: China Securities Regulatory Commission)

Huachen Group, a key player in the Chinese automotive industry, has been facing a significant decline in the performance and profitability of its independent brand automobiles since 2016, with a notable loss in 2017. To mask its operational challenges, the company artificially inflated investment income and profits in its annual reports between 2017 and 2018. This was achieved by falsely boosting profits through the unrealized equity transfer of its subsidiary and successfully issuing corporate bonds based on these misleading financial figures.

As the auditing firm for Huachen Group, Asia Pacific CPAs conducted audits of the financial statements for the years 2017 and 2018. However, the audit reports exhibited significant oversights, failing to properly identify and assess risks, execute effective audit procedures, and containing deficiencies in the execution of quality control procedures. These shortcomings resulted in a failure to disclose the financial issues within Huachen Group.

After a detailed investigation into the actions of Asia Pacific CPAs, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has decided to impose a fine of ¥3 million on the firm. This penalty not only underscores the crucial role of auditing firms in ensuring the transparency and accuracy of corporate finances but also signifies an enhancement in regulatory oversight and accountability for intermediary institutions in the Chinese securities market.

This incident has not only had a significant impact on Huachen Group but has also raised concerns about the overall regulatory system in the Chinese securities market. The event highlights the importance of corporate governance and internal controls, as well as the crucial role of auditing firms in upholding market order and investor confidence.

The penalty decision by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) sends a strong signal to the market, emphasizing the responsibility of auditing firms in ensuring the transparency and compliance of corporate finances. It also serves as a reminder for other intermediary institutions to exercise a high level of prudence and professionalism when fulfilling auditing responsibilities, in order to uphold the healthy development of market order.



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