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1QH.CN, established in 2013, is a futures investment and financial media company based in Shanghai. 1QH.CN is dedicated to providing comprehensive and professional services and news to futures investors nationwide and globally. Through its official website (www.1qh.cn) and other client applications, 1QH.CN has become an important platform in the fields of futures account opening transactions, market price information, and more.

Company Profile:

1QH.CN was founded on December 9, 2013, with its parent company being Shanghai Ahui Information Technology Co., Ltd. Operating under the 1QH.CN brand, the company has been committed to providing a full range of services and information to domestic and international futures investors since its inception. Through its official website and mobile applications, the company offers a comprehensive platform that integrates futures account opening, trading guidance, market analysis, and educational resources. The company's executive director is Ye Jun, who is also the legal representative. The customer service phone number is 021-62311091, and the official email is panjy@fx678. The company's Unified Social Credit Code is 913101130861668879.


Whois Record:

According to information obtained from Whois, the official website domain name of 1QH.CN was registered on February 22, 2013.


Products and Services:

1QH.CN offers a wide range of products and services, encompassing everything from basic market price information to advanced investment analysis and strategy formulation tools. It provides real-time data and analysis for various futures varieties like agricultural products, metals, and energy, along with advanced tools such as arbitrage analysis, position analysis, as well as educational resources on trading knowledge and skills.

Product Design:

With its rich futures-related content and practical tools such as futures newsletters, headlines, analyst viewpoints, research report searches, futures calendars, and futures arbitrage tools, warehousing tools, capital analysis, and spot-futures analysis, 1QH.CN greatly facilitates futures investors and traders. Its user-centric product design, coupled with professional market analysis and research, makes 1QH.CN a trusted partner for domestic futures investors.



1QH.CN provides comprehensive futures products and services, including detailed market price information, futures account opening and trading support, and professional market analysis and research reports. Users can access the latest futures market dynamics through the website, including real-time data and analysis for various futures varieties such as agricultural products, metals, and energy. Moreover, 1QH.CN also offers advanced tools like arbitrage analysis, position analysis, and more to help investors formulate strategies. Additionally, the website has educational resources to assist newcomers in learning trading knowledge and skills. Through these services, 1QH.CN aims to become a leading provider of financial industry information, market news, and data services in the domestic futures market. Currently, 1QH.CN is marked as "actively operating" on Traderknows.

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FAQ About 1QH.CN


What is the official website of 1QH.CN?

The official website of 1QH.CN is https://www.1qh.cn/.


Is 1QH.CN legit or scam?

1QH.CN is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is 1QH.CN?

1QH.CN is a Futures, Media company.

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