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Changjiang Securities was founded in 1991. It is a comprehensive securities company with a full license approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's main board in 2007 (stock code: 000783), becoming the 6th listed securities firm in China. Its headquarters is located at No. 88 Huaihai Road, Jianghan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. The company mainly provides services in securities, investment banking, asset management, funds, futures, private equity funds, alternative investments, and cross-border business.

Company Background

Changjiang Securities, formally known as Changjiang Securities Co., Ltd., was established on March 18, 1991, originally as Hubei Securities Company. On February 23, 2000, with approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Hubei Securities Company increased its capital and shares to 1.029 billion yuan and was renamed "Changjiang Securities Limited Liability Company". On December 19, 2007, after completing the relocation and change of legal representative registration procedures, it was officially renamed Changjiang Securities Co., Ltd., and on December 27 of the same year, the company held its listing ceremony on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, officially entering the A-share market.

Products and Services

Changjiang Securities owns subsidiaries including Changjiang Sponsorship, Changjiang Asset Management, Changjiang Capital, Changjiang Innovation Investment, Changjiang Futures, Changzhen International, and Changxin Fund. As of the end of March 2022, the company has 32 branches, 247 securities business departments, and 21 futures branch institutions across 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities nationwide. Leveraging its comprehensive business qualifications, the company offers a wide range of comprehensive financial services to individual and institutional investors, enterprises, and government clients, including investment banking, securities brokerage, asset management, investment, research, capital intermediary, and international business. To meet the demands of the digital era, the company has launched platforms such as "Changjiang e-Number APP", Jin Changjiang Caizhi PC version, Changniu Stock Investment Terminal PC version, and Jin Changjiang Huizhi PC version, allowing clients to easily conduct online transactions, asset management, and access the latest financial information. Additionally, the company's website (95579.com) provides a comprehensive range of services, including online account opening, software download, business processing, and a financial products mall, fully meeting the needs of different investors.



Leadership Team (As of March 8, 2024):

Chairman and Legal Representative: Jin Caijiu Vice Chairman: Chen Jia Directors: Li Xinhua, Huang Xueqiang, Chen Wenbin, Hao Wei, Liu Yuanrui, Shi Zhanzhong, Yu Zhen, Pan Hongbo, Zhang Yuewen Supervisor Chairman: Li Jia Supervisors: Fei Minhua, Deng Tao, Du Qi, Chen Dan, Cai Tinghua Senior Management: President Liu Yuanrui, Vice President and CFO Chen Shuiyuan, Vice President and Secretary of the Board Zhou Chun, Vice President and Compliance Director Hu Yong, Chief Risk Officer Xiao Jian, Vice Presidents Chen Jin, Wang Chengjun, Pan Jin


Shareholder Distribution (As of September 30, 2023):

Xinliyi Group Co., Ltd. 14.89% Hubei Energy Group Co., Ltd. 9.58% Three Gorges Capital Holdings Co., Ltd. 6.02% Shanghai Haxin Group Co., Ltd. 4.4% Guohua Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Dividend Three No. 4.38% Wuhan Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd. 3.62% Hubei Hongtai Group Co., Ltd. 3.22% Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited 2.07% Changjiang Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd. 1.81% Hubei Province E'lv Investment Venture Capital Co., Ltd. 1.81%


Development History


  • March 18: Approved by the People's Bank of China and the Hubei Provincial People's Government, Hubei Securities Company (the predecessor of Changjiang Securities) was established with a paid-in capital of 17 million yuan, of which the People's Bank of China Hubei branch contributed 10 million yuan.
  • April 18: The company first participated in the underwriting group organized by the Ministry of Finance for national debt, establishing its status as a primary dealer of government bonds.
  • April 23: The company's first business department officially opened to the public.


  • March 13: Approved by the People's Bank of China Hubei branch, the company issued 20 million yuan of Hubei Investment Benefit Bonds (now merged into Tongzhi Securities Fund), initiating business innovation in the securities investment field earlier in the industry.
  • June 20: The company's Shanghai securities business department was established, marking its first establishment outside Hubei Province.
  • August 28: The first securities business department in Central China to open inter-city agency trading for Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets—its Hankou business department (now Wuhan Youyi Road business department) officially opened.


  • January 18: The company formally signed a cooperation agreement with Merrill Lynch on issues such as mainland enterprises listing overseas, marking the company's first business exchange and cooperation with a foreign securities firm.


  • January 3: The company took on the role of the lead underwriter and listing sponsor for "Huaxin Cement", achieving a breakthrough in the investment banking business field for the first time.


  • End of 1995: The company's first five-year plan—"The Future Five-Year Development Strategy of Hubei Securities Limited Company" was released, a special report with significant implications for the company's future development.


  • 1996: Ranked seventh nationally in terms of the number of stock underwritings, the company entered the top ten securities firms in the country for the first time.


  • May 26: The company served as the lead underwriter and listing sponsor for "Gezhouba", the first large-cap stock and Three Gorges concept stock issued within the year's planned issuance.
  • October 21: The company's first B-share underwriting—"Da Hua B-share" was listed.
  • 1997: Following the requirements of "Notice on the Decoupling of People's Banks of China at All Levels from Their Investment in Securities Companies", the company decoupled from the People's Bank of China. At the same time, the company increased its capital to 160 million yuan, with China Gezhouba Group and 13 other enterprises becoming shareholders after the capital increase.


  • November 11: Approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the company converted its capital reserve and part of the previous year's undistributed profits into share capital, expanding its capital to 302 million yuan.


  • March 26: Changsheng Fund Management Co., Ltd., initiated by the company, began operations.
  • April 2: The first securities investment fund initiated by the company—"Fund Tongyi" was issued online.
  • December 23: The company's first major corporate bond underwriting—"‘98 Qingjiang Bond" was issued. That year, the company also served as the deputy lead underwriter for national enterprise bonds including "Three Gorges", "CITIC", "Baosteel", and "Dongfeng Automobile".


  • February 23: Approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the company increased its capital and shares to 1.029 billion yuan and was renamed "Changjiang Securities Limited Liability Company", with Shanghai Haixin Group and a batch of well-known listed companies and large enterprises outside Hubei Province becoming major shareholders.
  • May 12: The company signed a comprehensive cooperation framework agreement with the Agricultural Bank of China (head office), marking a significant progress in bank-securities cooperation.
  • September 14: The Changjiang Securities Development Strategy Advisory Committee was established, with the first chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Mr. Liu Hongru, serving as the chairman of the advisory committee. At the same time, the company's second five-year plan—"The 2001-2005 Development Strategy of Changjiang Securities Limited Liability Company" was released.
  • October 8: The company headquarters moved to the intelligent office building—Changjiang Securities Building, ending the history of scattered office locations. The same day, its website "Changwang" was upgraded and re-launched, fully starting securities e-commerce.
  • October 9: Approved by the People's Bank of China, the company entered the national inter-bank borrowing market and bond market.


  • October: The company's management structure underwent significant changes, with the dissolution of the North, Shanghai, South, and Southwest headquarters, and the establishment of the brokerage business headquarters, completing the transformation from "blocks" to "lines" in its management system.
  • December: Approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the company increased its capital and shares to 2 billion yuan, with Qingdao Haier Investment Development Co., Ltd. becoming its largest shareholder.


  • March 7: The company signed a framework agreement with BNP Paribas on "establishing a Sino-foreign joint venture securities company" and reached a long-term cooperation agreement. This was one of the first joint venture cases in the Chinese securities industry after China joined the WTO.
  • August 9: The company and CITIC Industrial Bank held a cooperation signing ceremony and product promotion for the "Beyond Banking Financial Plan". This was the first standardized collective financial product in the country. In this business, the company broke through traditional financial models and established the development approach of productized financial services and bank-securities cooperation.


  • The company implemented centralized financial management across the entire company, integrating financial functions of various business departments into the finance headquarters, dispatching finance staff to business departments from the headquarters, and implementing regular rotations.
  • April 28: Changxin Fund Management Co., Ltd., initiated by the company, began operations, marking a new phase in the fund management business.
  • November 26: Changjiang BNP Paribas Peregrine Securities Co., Ltd., a joint venture with BNP Paribas, started operations, transferring its investment banking business to the new platform.


  • March 10: The company acted as the lead underwriter and sponsor for "Chutian Expressway", which traded 280 million A-shares on the market. This was the first large-cap stock issued in Hubei province that year and also the largest circulating share issue for which the company was the lead underwriter and sponsor.
  • March 16: The company signed a "Recommendation for Resumption of Listing, Entrusted Share Transfer Agreement" with Xiamen Ocean Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., marking the start of the entrusted share transfer agency business.
  • June 17: The company signed a software development contract for the large centralized trading project with Hangzhou Hengsheng Electronics Co., Ltd., officially starting the implementation of its large centralized trading system.
  • September 16: The opening ceremony of Changjiang Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd., a controlling subsidiary of the company, was held. It became the first securities firm in Central China to enter the futures industry.
  • December 1: The Securities Association of China announced that including the company, five securities firms were selected to participate in related innovative activities as pilot securities companies. Thus, it became one of the first eight brokers to enter the innovation pilot program.
  • December 29: The China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the company's restructuring plan. Through restructuring and divestiture of non-securities assets, the company took a crucial first step towards shareholding reform, public offering of shares, and listing.


  • January 14: Entrusted by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the company took custody of the brokerage business and related 31 securities business departments and 2 securities service departments of Dapeng Securities.
  • March 28: The company's "Changjiang Beyond Wealth Management No. 1" collective asset management plan received approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission. It was one of the first three securities firm collective financial products approved since the official implementation of the "Securities Company Client Asset Management Business Trial Measures", and the first to extract a "risk reserve".
  • November 26: The company participated in the launch of Wuhan Steel's put warrants, introducing put warrants to the domestic securities market for the first time.


  • January 19: At the "Second (2005) China Brand Influence Forum Annual Meeting" held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, the company was honored as one of the "Top Ten Influential Brands in the Chinese Securities Industry".
  • May 11: The China Securities Regulatory Commission formally approved the establishment of Nord Fund Management Co., Ltd. This was the first domestic fund management company with a relative controlling interest by foreign capital, co-founded by the company, Nord/Amber Fund Company of the USA, and Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd., with Changjiang Securities investing 30 million RMB, accounting for 30% of the registered capital.
  • December 9: The company and China Petrochemical Corporation reached a preliminary cooperation intention on the backdoor listing of Shijiazhuang Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd., with the latter announcing a continued suspension of its shares from December 11. This marked a historic step in Changjiang Securities' efforts to go public.


  • March: Approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Changjiang BNP Paribas Peregrine Securities Co., Ltd. was officially renamed Changjiang Securities Underwriting & Sponsorship Co., Ltd. ("Changjiang Underwriting"). Changjiang Underwriting, wholly-owned by Changjiang Securities and the first professional subsidiary in China dedicated to investment banking, was registered and headquartered in Shanghai.
  • April 16: The company's stakeholder Nord Fund Company issued its first fund "Nord Value Advantage Fund", which was enthusiastically received by investors, with a subscription amount reaching 150 billion RMB on the first day, far exceeding the 80 billion RMB issuance limit.
  • August 11: The company announced the completion of its client trading settlement funds third-party custody work.
  • August 19: The China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the increase of Changjiang Futures' registered capital from 30 million RMB to 100 million RMB, becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of Changjiang Securities through equity change.
  • August 20: The company announced the completion of its years-long centralized trading system project.
  • December 5: Approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Shijiazhuang Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. absorbed and merged with Changjiang Securities Limited Liability Company, changing its name to Changjiang Securities Co., Ltd., and registered with the Hubei Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce. The business license number is 420000000009482, and the company's domicile was relocated to Wuhan, Hubei Province.
  • December 6: Changjiang Securities received the "Notice on Approving the Directed Buy-back, Major Asset Sale, and Merger of Changjiang Securities Limited Liability Company by Shijiazhuang Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd." (CSRC Company [2007] No. 196), officially approving the company's backdoor listing plan through Shijiazhuang Refining & Chemical. This marked the company as the fourth securities firm in China to successfully backdoor list.
  • December 27: The company held its listing ceremony at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, officially entering the A-share market.


  • Since 2008, the company has fully implemented reforms to its retail customer business system.
  • February 26: The company's collective financial product "Beyond Wealth Management No. 2" was approved for issuance. Known as "Fund Housekeeper", it is an open-ended non-restricted collective asset management plan, distinguished by its innovative protection of investor interests, namely Changjiang Securities will undertake limited liability with a certain amount of its own funds.
  • March 22 and April 18: Changjiang Securities successively signed comprehensive strategic cooperation agreements with China Merchants Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, indicating a major breakthrough in the field of bank-securities cooperation.
  • April 16: The China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the company's qualifications for futures IB business, providing a new business channel for its business departments.


  • Early 2009: The "Outline of Corporate Culture of Changjiang Securities" was released, summarizing the company's cultural system centered on the core value of "pursuing excellence" for the first time.
  • January 20: The Hubei Changjiang Securities Public Welfare Foundation initiated by Changjiang Securities was officially established.
  • May 25: Changjiang Securities was approved by the Hubei Securities Regulatory Bureau to implement a brokerage system. Thus, the company became the second in China and the first in the Central China region to be approved to implement the securities brokerage system.
  • July (early): The China Securities Regulatory Commission announced the results of the securities company classification supervision evaluation for 2009, and the company successfully advanced to Class A Grade A.
  • November 13: The subscription payment work for Changjiang Securities' rights issue was completed, with a subscription ratio of 98.8046%. This rights issue was the company's first financing since listing, providing strong capital support for the development of its various businesses and laying a solid foundation for the company's long-term development goals.
  • December 8: Changjiang Growth Capital Investment Co., Ltd. was registered and established, marking the official launch of Changjiang Securities' direct investment business.


  • October 29: Changjiang Securities passed the professional evaluation of the implementation plan for margin trading business organized by the Securities Association of China, ranking first among 15 companies; on November 24, the company's margin trading business qualifications were approved by the CSRC, becoming a pilot securities company for margin trading; on December 7, it received the business license for securities business reissued by the CSRC, agreeing to add "margin trading" to the company's business scope; on December 13, Changjiang Securities successfully launched its margin trading business smoothly, achieving a breakthrough in margin trading business with 3 business departments.
  • November 1: The China Securities Regulatory Commission approved Changjiang Securities to use its own funds to establish Changjiang Securities Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, with a registered capital of 300 million Hong Kong dollars. On February 16, 2012, Changjiang Securities Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited held its opening ceremony.


  • May: Changjiang Securities' "Settlement Custody Quality Control Model" innovation project was ranked first in the professional evaluation organized by the China Securities Industry Association. This model effectively controlled settlement risks, improved settlement capability, and enhanced the quality of settlement work in practice. Its design思路 and implementation method were highly innovative and practical, not only bringing many conveniences to the company's settlement custody business development but also having significant reference and inspiration for the entire securities industry.
  • October: The number of the company's business departments surpassed 100.
  • November 28: Changjiang Securities was formally approved to carry out a pilot project for bond repurchase business based on quotes. On December 19, the first transaction of this business was born in the company's Wuluo Road business department in Wuhan, marking the official trial operation of this business.
  • December 14: Changjiang Securities'

first project listed on the New Third Board, "Beijing Ke Ruo Si Technology Development Co., Ltd.", received approval from the China Securities Association, marking the company's "zero breakthrough" in New Third Board business.


  • July 6: Changjiang Securities' first financial bond underwriting project, "2012 Hankou Bank Co., Ltd. Small and Micro Enterprises Loan Special Financial Bond", was successfully issued with a total issuance scale of 5 billion yuan. This was, up to that point, the largest bond underwriting project in the company's history. On July 22, the company's first SME bond, "Wuhan Sifang Logistics 2012 SME Bond", was successfully issued.
  • October 23: The company obtained the qualification of a trustee manager of insurance funds.
  • November 8: Changjiang Securities received the "Reply on Participation in Securities Lending Business" and "Notice on Participation in Securities Lending Business Pilot" from China Securities Finance Corporation, approving the company's securities lending business pilot qualification. At the same time, the company's counter transaction business implementation plan passed the professional evaluation of the China Securities Industry Association, officially obtaining the qualification for this business.


  • February 5: The company's first batch of counter products - equity-linked swaps and over-the-counter options business - was officially approved on August 7.
  • May 28: The State Administration for Industry and Commerce awarded Changjiang Securities the "Contract-Abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise" honor in recognition of its lawful operation, commitment to contracts, strict self-discipline, and standardized contract and credit management.
  • July 4 and 5: Changjiang Securities successively received the "Approval for Application of Stock Pledge Repo Business Authority" from both Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, marking the company's official qualification for this business.
  • August 22: Shanghai Changjiang Wealth Asset Management Co., Ltd. ("Changjiang Wealth") announced its official establishment. Changjiang Wealth has a registered capital of 20 million RMB, with Changjiang Securities holding 30%, Changxin Fund holding 40%, and Shanghai Heer Investment Management Center (Limited Partnership) holding 30%.
  • September 9: Changjiang Securities successfully issued its 2013 first phase short-term financing bonds through public tender in the People's Bank of China bond issuance system, with an issuance amount of 2 billion RMB.
  • October 21: After 3 years of construction, Changjiang Securities' Optical Valley Building was completed and officially put into use. Located in the East Lake Development Zone's Financial Port in Wuhan, it combines a data center, archive center, technology research and development center, and comprehensive office in one building.


  • End of March: After the disclosure of the "2013 Public Mutual Fund Annual Report", Changjiang Securities ranked 10th in the industry for public mutual fund sub-warehouse commission, achieving its best performance in the public mutual fund sub-warehouse business.
  • August 26: The China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the establishment of Changjiang Securities (Shanghai) Asset Management Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned asset management subsidiary, further promoting the diversified development of the company's asset management business.
  • October 10: The China Securities Regulatory Commission officially approved Changjiang Securities to issue corporate bonds not exceeding 5 billion RMB, further expanding the company's capital scale and promoting the development of innovative businesses. On the same day, the company also obtained the qualification for the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect business for the first time.
  • October 30: Changjiang Securities' first asset securitization project - China Construction Third Bureau Group Co., Ltd.'s entrusted loan debt rights securitization project special asset management plan 01 and 02 - officially received approval, becoming the country's first entrusted loan-type asset securitization project.
  • November 6: Changjiang Securities was approved to carry out comprehensive custodian business for private funds, able to provide one-stop comprehensive custodian services for private funds including asset custody, transaction settlement, income distribution, fee payment, accounting, and asset valuation.
  • November 24: Changjiang Securities obtained the pilot qualification for internet securities business, planning to expand this business in aspects of account management, payment, consumption, and service.
  • December 29: Changjiang Securities' leading trademark was recognized as "China Famous Trademark" by the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Thus, the company became the first securities firm in China to own a "China Famous Trademark".


  • January 14: Changjiang Securities' brokerage, proprietary trading, and market-making businesses for stock options all passed the special inspection by the Shanghai Stock Exchange; on January 16, the company obtained the trading participant qualifications for stock option brokerage and proprietary business as well as stock option settlement business qualifications; on January 26, the first real stock option contract account was opened by a customer at the company's Jingzhou Jiangjin West Road business department; on February 9, the company's Shenzhen Fuhua First Road business department executed the first stock option business transaction in the entire market.
  • March 19: "Lion Bridge Phase I Asset Support Special Plan" underwritten by Changjiang Securities was listed for trading on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. This was the first asset securitization product for private enterprises and the financial leasing industry under the new registration system on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
  • April 3: Changjiang Securities signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Jingmen Municipal People's Government.
  • April 10: Changjiang Securities was approved to become a general market maker for the SSE 50 ETF options contract.
  • June 3: Changjiang Securities' first floating income certificate product "Option Treasure" No. 1 was established. This product, truly embedding options for the first time, is a principal-protected floating-income structured product, marking a significant step in the company's efforts to advance its options business.
  • June 26: Changjiang Securities won the "2015 Best Wealth Management Institution in China" award at the "2015 China's Best Financial Management Institution Selection" hosted by Securities Times, the highest honor among comprehensive awards for securities firms in this selection.
  • June 27: Changjiang Securities was awarded "Class A" in the "2014 Annual Information Disclosure Assessment of Listed Companies" published by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the only main board listed company in Hubei Province to achieve "Class A" information disclosure assessment for five consecutive years.
  • July 8: Changjiang Securities made a new breakthrough in the development of the counter market business, with the issuance scale of income certificates reaching 10.017 billion RMB.
  • July 17: The China Securities Regulatory Commission announced the 2015 securities company classification evaluation results, and Changjiang Securities, with a score of 111, successfully advanced to Class A AA level. This was the first time the company achieved Class A AA level since the implementation of securities company classification evaluation, successfully achieving one of its three major operational goals for 2015.
  • December 28: Changjiang Securities received the "Letter of Consent from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Changjiang Securities Conducting a Pilot for Financing Business of Restricted Stocks for Stock Incentive of Listed Companies", marking the company's capability to conduct financing business for restricted stocks related to stock incentives of listed companies.


  • May 31: Changjiang Securities officially obtained the "Military Industrial Confidentiality Business Consulting Service Security Confidentiality Conditions Filing Certificate", providing a qualification guarantee for the company to carry out military-industrial confidential business.
  • June 27: Changjiang Securities signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Qihoo 360, indicating the company's move towards exploring higher-dimensional business models and fully enhancing its financial security and innovation capabilities.
  • June 29: Changjiang Securities, for the sixth consecutive time, was awarded "Class A" in the "2015 Annual Information Disclosure Assessment of Listed Companies" by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the only main board listed company in Hubei Province to achieve "Class A" information disclosure assessment for six consecutive years.
  • July 13: The non-public issuance of 787 million shares by Changjiang Securities was successfully completed, marking the largest equity financing in the company's history since listing, injecting new vitality into the development of its various businesses.
  • July 15: Changjiang Securities won the "2016 China's Best Securities Broker" award given by Securities Times.
  • August 11: Changjiang Securities Tibet branch was opened, thus completing the company's layout in 30 of the 31 provincial-level administrative regions in mainland China, nearly achieving full coverage.
  • August 19: Changjiang Securities signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Chengdu Municipal Government, making the company the first in the national securities industry, and the second in the national financial industry, to sign a cooperation agreement with the Chengdu Municipal People's Government. This was also the company's first strategic cooperation agreement signed outside of a sub-provincial city in another province.


  • April 8: Changjiang Securities' independently developed the first domestic brokerage intelligent wealth management system—iVatarGo was officially launched, marking a solid step forward in the direction of financial technology and intelligence.
  • December 6: Changjiang Securities signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Qinghai Provincial People's Government, the company's first cooperation agreement with a provincial-level government, providing the company with opportunities to serve the capital market in Qinghai Province and the western region.


  • March 6: Changjiang Securities Hebei Xiong'an branch officially settled in the Xiong'an New Area, becoming the second brokerage firm to enter the Xiong'an New Area.
  • March 15: Changjiang Securities successfully issued convertible bonds, raising 5 billion RMB in funds. This was the first convertible bond issued on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's main board after the implementation of credit subscription and the first convertible bond issued in the market by a securities firm in 2018.
  • October 15: At the China Securities and Futures Industry Poverty Alleviation Work Exchange and Commendation Conference, Changjiang Securities was honored with the "Outstanding Financing Poverty Alleviation Award", "Outstanding Innovation Poverty Alleviation Award", and "Enterprise IPO Financing Project Award".
  • December 8: Changjiang Securities won the "Best Market Value Management Listed Company" award at the "2018 China A-share Listed Companies Innovation Index Top 100 List Release and the 13th China Listed Company Competitiveness Public Trust Survey Evaluation", becoming the only securities firm to receive this award.


  • May 24: Changjiang Securities achieved fruitful results with its "finance + industry" featured poverty alleviation model, being awarded by the Hubei Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office as the "2018 National Poverty Alleviation Award Hubei Notification Commendation Object".
  • December 25: In the "17th New Fortune" selection, Changjiang Securities was honored as "Second Best Domestic Research Team", "Third Most Influential Research Institution", and "Third Best Sales Service Team"; ranking or being shortlisted in 21 research fields, securing 5 first places, 6 second places, and 3 third places.

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What is ChangJiang Securities's official website?

A: ChangJiang Securities's official website is https://www.95579.com/


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A: ChangJiang Securities is currently marked as Active on TraderKnows.


What is ChangJiang Securities?

A: ChangJiang Securities is a Stock, Brokerage company.

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